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Why Challenge Your Boot Camp Clients?

Why Challenge Your Boot Camp Clients?

 Hey, Shawna Kaminski here. I’m also known as ‘the pull up queen’ since I love to do challenging workouts, including a ridiculous amount of pull ups at any one time. I also run fitness boot camps. I managed to turn my love of challenge workouts into a client retention and generating machine for my boot camps.


Did you know that it’s seven times harder to recruit new clients than to keep the ones you have? True dat.

So I found the best way to keep my clients is to offer new and exciting workouts all the time. Probably the number one complaint from boot camp clients (and even boot camp trainers) is that boot camp gets ‘boring’. I mean, how many ways can you dress up a push up or squat?

Clients tend to drop off when they tire of the same old routine, especially when their fat loss results stagnate.


What if I told you I’ve taken the emphasis OFF fat loss and made a focus on PERFORMANCE in boot camp and fat loss results improved?


Let me explain…


So many clients get caught up in the weight loss game. They come to boot camp and put in lack luster effort and end up with lack luster results. I’ve found a way to motivate them with ‘boot camp workout challenges’ that are QUANTIFIABLE and in an effort to improve their scores on said boot camp workout challenges, the happy coincidence has been greater fat loss results.

The focus has been on improving fitness parameters like muscular strength and endurance. As well, nutrition has been shed in a new light: one that centers around ‘performance’ rather than aesthetics and my clients are stronger, fitter and look better than ever.


Go figure…


I’ve found clients pumped up and excited to have tangible goals. Things like:

-I want to learn how to do a pull up unassisted

-I want to do 10 push ups on my toes in a month

-I want to be able to do 5 full on burpees (with a push up) in 30 seconds

-I want to improve my time on a specific circuit next time out


Let me tell you how I came to this epiphany…


In my former life, I was a Catholic school teacher. I actually taught school, including physical education for 20 years. Let me tell you that I learned A LOT about managing large numbers in a gym full of 60-70 rambunctious kids.


As you probably remember, teachers need to evaluate students and provide report card marks four times a year. This is a daunting task with large numbers of rowdy kids that just want to have fun in the gym. I learned a number of ‘tricks of the trade’ in my school teaching days that I’ve been able to parlay into effective testing techniques in a boot camp setting.


Since I was getting great results with my coaching clients that were doing my Challenge Workouts program, I decided that I’d take a similar approach to my fitness boot camp.


Why not ‘challenge’ my clients? That is, make them quantify their fitness results in a number of challenges and see what that did to boot camp energy, motivation and fat loss results.


I knew that Mrs. Smith wanted a great workout every day she came to my boot camp. So I developed a number of ‘tests’ that I used in my boot camp. I developed a system where by we’d do an initial test and then retest. The beauty of this was that clients felt they were just doing a workout and NOT so much a test. There was no standing around, no waiting.


I used timed sets, AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) sets or rep count sets and developed easy ways to record results that kept clients moving. I found that recording results was imperative to goal setting, accountability and improvement. I was able to minimize the amount of data recorded, while maximizing the info gathered.


Here’s a test that I did that my clients loved (or loved to hate ;)…


Take Away Bodyweight Challenge


Timed set: Record the total time it takes to complete this workout.


Equipment: Timer



Burpees (full body extensions, modified burpee)


Push ups (modified push up)

Mountain climbers

Bicycle crunches


Rules of the test:

Start at 10 reps of each exercise. Rest as little as possible, do 9 reps of each exercise, count down until the client finishes with 1 rep of each exercise. Stop the clock.



Challenge Workout Take Away – Timed set Template


Record time and any modifications.

Name Test 1 Modification Test 2 Modification



There are a ton of tests that you can use with your clients once you have an easy system. It helps them set goals, be accountable and get great aesthetic results all at once. Your clients will love the process, stay with you and bring their friends. If you want your boot camp to be alive and well while others flounder, consider doing boot camp challenge tests.

You can find out more about my Boot Camp workout Challenges here: http://georgettepann.com/bcwo



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