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More Fun Bootcamp Games and How to create a Bootcamp Game

More Fun Bootcamp Games-Tag Toe/Calf Tag and How to create a Bootcamp Game


Toe Tag

Format: Everyone grabs a partner (teams of 2).

Supplies Needed: None

How to Begin: Each person will stand “arms reach” apart, while facing each other.




The person with the most points at the end of 30 seconds wins.

Rules: Each person will try to “tag” their partner’s feet with their feet.

Every time a person “tags” their partner’s feet with theirs, they get a point. Make sure each person keeps track of their points.

Have everyone try to stay in the same general area for the duration of the game. This avoids “traffic jams” of people.

The person with the most tags in 30 seconds wins.

Rotate partners after every match.

The person with the most “wins” at the end of the designated time will be the “champion”. In the event of a “tie”, have the top people face off and winner takes all.



How to create an effective boot camp game:

Write down a list of games that you played as a kid. Example: relay races, freeze tag, duck duck goose”, dodge ball, etc.

  1. Look at this list and figure out how to incorporate fitness elements into them. Example: pushups, burpees, sprints, etc.
  2. Take a game and combine it with fitness exercises to create the game.
  3. Make sure everyone is participating at all times. This way everyone feels like they are involved.
  4. Crank up loud and energizing music to create a fun and positive environment for everyone to “play” in.

here is an another example :

Calf Tag

Format: Teams of two people

Supplies Needed: None

How to Begin: Partner each person up with someone else and have them stand facing each other.

Objective: The person who tags their partner’s calves the most wins.

Rules: Using only their hands, they are going to try and tag their partner’s calves, without getting their calves tagged in the process.

Every time they tag their partner’s calves they get one point. Have each person keep track of their points.

They only get points when the CALF is tagged not the shins or other parts of the leg.

Do this for about 30-60 seconds and then crown the winner.

Switch partners and repeat as needed.

Try to keep everyone in a designated area to avoid collisions.

This game could be played with a huge group or small one.

The big idea that I want to get across to you is that these games don’t have to be an activity that will “destroy” what’s left of your clients at the end of a workout. It’s actually quite the opposite. You want these activities to be way heavier on the fun side than the work side. The only exception to this rule is if you are instructing an advanced class. In that case, you can  up the game intensity a little bit.


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