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Top 10 Reasons to Use Complexes With Your Clients

Here’s a guest post from my good friend and Complex Training expert, Callie Durbrow


Top 10 Reasons to Use Complexes With Your Clients 

Barbell complexes are one of the best tools for overall fat loss and helping your clients get lean. These are an excellent tool for your toolbox and will allow you to train a large or small group of clients in a small space. If you have a larger space, you can create the barbell complex and pair it with Battling Ropes or Prowler Sprints for a full body conditioning and fat loss session.


Barbell complexes are a series of exercises strung together in succession so you are not putting the bar down in between movements. Perform all repetitions of one movement and go into the next until you’ve completed all the prescribed movements.


It is important to note that this is NOT a workout finisher. You are using these movements to create a full training environment, combining fat loss, conditioning and strength.

Here are my top 10 reasons for using barbell complex training:


  1. These are easy to program with small or large groups. One client works for their entire set while the other rests, and then they switch

  2. Use this as an “all in one” training session for clients of all levels

  3. These are great for small spaces or limited equipment (a handful of barbells will do the trick)

  4. They can be scaled down to a beginner client’s ability- use a training bar or a PVC pipe

  5. They can be scaled up for a more advanced client using less rest time and more load on the bar
  6. Focus on the speed of the movement on each exercise

  7. This is an excellent option for 30 minute training sessions because each session can be programmed to last 21-24 minutes

  8. Pair the barbell complex with a Prowler Sprint, regular sprint or Battling Ropes for a full body fat burning training session

  9. A great alternative to steady state cardio. These can be done in addition to 2-3 heavy strength days each week

  10. Get your clients faster results in a fun training environment


Here is an example of one of my favorite barbell complexes, the 5×5:


Perform 5 repetitions of each movement continuously. Rest for 90-120 seconds (depending on fitness level) and repeat for 5 sets. You can scale this down for a beginner to complete 3 sets or scale it up for an advanced client by adding more load to the bar while still focusing on speed. You can also decrease the rest to 60-90 seconds but be sure to get a full recovery so that your client can maintain perfect technique:




-Bent Over Row

-Hang Clean

-Front Squat

-Push Press

-Alternating Reverse Lunge (front squat racked position, 5/leg)


Barbell complexes are my go-to training program to get clients lean, athletic and feeling great. Getting results as a trainer is #1, if you wanna make more money.


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Callie Durbrow
Owner- Durbrow Performance Training
Creator- Complex Conditioning


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