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Are you the Best Bootcamp Trainer?

Are you the Best Bootcamp Trainer?

Everyone I have come into contact with in my boot camps wants to know where I find my instructors and how do they know what to do to make the results come so quickly.

The truth is that anyone can be a trainer. You probably know of a few people that shouldn’t be trainers…

The point is that there are certain qualities that make a trainer stand out and look phenomenal when compared to others around them.

I have narrowed it down to three things:

1. Their ability to create positive energy

This is one of the most crucial factors in being the best trainer. You should be able to walk into a room filled with “Debbie Downers” and turn it into a party.

Everyone always wants to hang out with people who are seeping with positive energy and happiness, so why wouldn’t they want to train with them?

Do you make your client’s bad day into a good one in less than 5 minutes into your sessions?

The best trainer never has bad days because that isn’t an option. Not for them and definitely not for their clients.

You need to be a positive energy factory when you are in the gym or in boot camp. If you don’t feel like a rock star at all times then how are your clients going to feel that way?

2. Their Personality

I am going to say it how it is on this one…

Extroverts will conquer the Personal/Group Training world. If you are an introvert, you need to convince yourself to be and extrovert.

If you don’t, you will be eaten alive.

You really need to have an outgoing personality and a great attitude to be the best trainer. Trainers that keep to themselves and don’t say much are usually considered to be “better than everyone else”…AKA you are a dick…

You DO NOT want people thinking this, so it is best to be outgoing and chatty with everyone in your training facility and just in general.

It helps demonstrate a high level of self-confidence and charisma, both of which are qualities desired by everyone.

3. Their willingness to learn new methods and improve

To me this one is the MOST important.

This character trait is the one that will keep the trainers from getting burned out and keep their clients coming back with smiles on their faces.

We can only do the same exercises, routines and formats for so long before people start finding other means of training.

I’m sure you think that your stuff is always new and fresh and awesome, but that doesn’t mean that is what your clients are thinking.

Do you constantly educate yourself about new methods of training and instructing?

Are you thirsty for more knowledge on a daily basis, or are you stuck in a rut of doing the same stuff all of the time and thinking the same thoughts?

You may be a very creative individual and you may have this trait down. If you aren’t or if you aren’t sure, it is okay.

I was in that same boat about two years ago.

I wanted more cutting edge information about what was working and what was not, what was new and what was old, what was hot and what is not. There was just too much information out there and I didn’t have time to filter through what was going to work for my situation and what wouldn’t.

It was downright frustrating…

This is why I decided to put a program together for you that did all of the work for you.

If you are looking for something that is done-for-you and outside of the box to incorporate into your boot camp sessions then look no further.

Boot Camp Partner Games is a plug and play program that fits at the end of ANY boot camp session and takes merely a couple of minutes to play.

These games are guaranteed to spice up your training and make your clients feel like little kids again. When, your members are happy they are going to tell their friends and stay at your boot camp for longer periods of time, which means more success and profit for you.

Make sure to check out the special launch sale I have going on right now on my newest boot camp games program. Let my program do the work for you so you can go back to enjoying being the trainer.

69 NEW Done-For-You Boot Camp Partner Games 

Well I hope you passed the “good trainer” checklist above. I know you are probably a great trainer. That is why you are reading this blog. You care about your clients and you take your future success very seriously.

I want to thank you for reading along and I hope this post helps motivate you to try some new things in your training.

Brian Kalakay CFT, CTT

Creator Boot Camp Partner Games

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