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5 Bodyweight Boxing Circuits

5 Bodyweight Boxing Circuits


Incorporate these brand NEW boxing circuits into your bootcamps or programs …..

Boxing Circuit 1:

Place 5 Cones 15yrds apart in zig zag formation

Boxers undertake 100 Jab/Crosses at cone 1 then run to cone 2 for 100 Hooks then run to cone 3 for 100 Upper Cuts then run to cone 4 for 100 High Punches.

Finally run to cone 5 for 100 reps of all 4 combination above (400 punches)


Boxing Circuit 2:

10 Jab/Cross / 2 Push Up

20 Hooks / 4 Push Up

30 Uppercuts / 6 Push Up

40 Jab/Cross / 8 Push Up

50 Hooks / 10 Push Up

60 Uppercuts / 12 Push Up

Keep increasing punches by 10 reps and push up by 2 reps for 3mins.


Boxing Circuit 3:

10 to 100

Have 2 cones placed 20mtrs apart. Boxers undertake 10 Jab/Crosses and sprint between the 2 cones,

return to pad holder and undertake 20 Jab/Crosses then run again. Continue the process of increasing

by 10 Jab/Crosses and sprinting until boxer reaches 100.


Boxing Circuit 4:

Space out 4 cones 20mtrs apart

1 Glove/1Pad format (see description in Speed section)

Both boxers sprint to first cone complete 50 reps of Crosses each (1 Glove / 1 Pad style)

Shuttle Sprint Sprint to second cone complete 50 Hooks each (1 Glove / 1 Pad style)

Shuttle Sprint to 3rd cone and complete 50 Uppers each (1 Glove / 1 Pad style)

25 Push Up

Complete the above again but with opposite hand


Boxing Circuit 5:

3 minute Killer

Speed Boxing

1min Jab/Cross / 1min Upper Cuts / 1min Push Up


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