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Bodyweight BootCamp Workout Challenges

Bodyweight BootCamp  Workout Challenges


Boot camp is a great way for clients to get fit and have fun. Providing them with challenging ways to quantify their progress is an amazing retention tool for any bootcamp owner. Every client wants to see that they’re making progress by losing weight or inches as well as becoming more fit.

These challenge boot camp workouts will give you the tools to evaluate your bootcamper’s fitness levels. The purpose of each test is to encourage your clients to improve; thereby improving the fitness parameter tested that month.

The program is based around a twelve-month testing schedule. Each test will beperformed and recorded at the beginning of the month.

You can choose to repeat the challenge once each week and then re-test and record results at the end of themonth to compare results. It’s a simple formula for you and your clients to assess fitness progress. Each test lasts between 9-15 minutes.

The workouts are created with a boot camp setting in mind.
It’s assumed that as a boot camp owner,you will provide the necessary warm up prior to having your clients do the test.

With each test, you’ll be instructed on what each client needs to record. This will simplify things and make it easier to collect the proper data for each test. Check out the Boot Camp Workout.

Provide the necessary modifications to individuals as needed so that the challenge isn’t too far out of their reach. The goal is to have your campers challenged but NOT defeated.

Remember that exercise form and rep quality trumps quantity.

Each challenge should be met with a positive attitude and as an opportunity for clients topush their limits; it should be ‘fun’, not viewed as a punishment.

Set your clients up for success and encourage them to improve their OWN scores rather than competing with others.

For an added challenge, try  the Extreme Boot Camp workout Challenges.

Here are just a few examples 

Workout #5 Up the Burpee Mountain Bodyweight Challenge

AMRAP set: Count the total rounds completed in 12 minutes. Partial rounds willnot be counted, only complete rounds count for the final score.

Equipment: timer


Burpee (modified burpee, full body extension)Mountain climber
Bicycle crunch
Suicide sprint

Rules of the test:

This test is done for 12 minutes.

Start with one burpee and one mountain climber (right knee, left knee counts asone rep), one bicycle crunch (right knee, left knee counts as one rep), jump upand do a suicide sprint.

Campers race forward about 4 large strides and then backward 4 large strides.Then they sprint forward 8 large strides and then backward 8 large strides. They continue in this fashion for as large a floor space that you have. It’s best if they can run forward for 4 strides, 8 strides, 12 strides, 16 strides, 20 strides. Mark out each distance where campers run to with cones. If space is limited, have them run the 4 stride distance (marked by cones) five times.

Then campers will add a burpee, mountain climber and bicycle crunch each set.It will look like this:

1 burpee, 1 mountain climber, 1 bicycle crunch, 1 suicide sprint
2 burpees, 2 mountain climbers, 2 bicycle crunches, 1 suicide sprint 3 burpees, 3 mountain climbers, 3 bicycle crunches, 1 suicide sprint

Add on sets until time is up, only complete sets are counted to record.

Training Variation:

Timed set: 30 seconds of work/5 second transition• Burpee

Mountain climber
Bicycle crunch
Suicide sprint

Do 5 rounds.


Workout #7 Spiderman Audition Bodyweight Challenge

Timed set: Record the total time it takes to complete this workout.

Equipment: Timer


Jumping lunges (or reverse lunges)Spiderman push ups (modified push up)Squat jumps (squats)

* For the jumping lunge, a rep is counted as right leg/left leg = one rep.

Rules of the test:

This is a count down set. Campers will start with 10 reps of each exercise, thendo 9 reps of each exercise, 8, 7,….1. Stop the clock when they finish one rep ofeach exercise.

For example:

10 jumping lunges
10 spiderman push ups10 squat jumps

9 jumping lunges
9 spiderman push ups9 squat jumps

Continue count down to:

1 jumping lunge
1 spiderman push up1 squat jump

Stop the clock.

Training Variation:

Do this set in reverse, count UP, start with one rep and go to ten, same exercises.


Extreme Challenge Workout #5
Lucky # 7 Bodyweight Challenge

AMRAP set: Count the total rounds completed in 12 minutes. Partial rounds willnot be counted, only complete rounds count for the final score.

Equipment: Timer


7 squat jumps (squats)
7 decline push ups (regular or modified push up)7 (per leg) bicycle crunch
7 (per leg) jumping lunges (reverse lunge)
7 pull ups (assisted pull up)

Rules of the test:

Campers will repeat this circuit in AMRAP style for 12 minutes. Record the total number of rounds completed in the time allotted. Encourage campers to beat their score each time they try this. Make note of modifications and at what point in the test they were used.

Training Variation:

Do timed sets of the above exercises, 30/05 for five rounds.



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