Boot Camp Tabata Training (Workout+Video)

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Boot Camp Tabata Workout+Video


Boot Camp Tabata Training (20 sec of exercise 10 sec rest 8 sets)

3-5 min warm up

Round 1
Wide Push ups to Close Hand Push ups
Push up Jacks
Burpee W/Jump Turn
repeat 1 time
rest 1 min
Round 2
Side to Side Squats
Mountain Climbers
repeat 3 times
rest 1 min
Round 3
Jumping Jacks
High Knees
Rear Lunge
repeat 1 time
rest 1 min
Round 4
Low to High Plank
Push-ups W/Knee Crunch
repeat 3 times
Burnout Pyramid up
Squat superset w/ Push ups
Floor Arm Pulls superset w/Knee Crunch
Squat hold 30 sec
5 count Abs 4 rounds
2 min cooldown


Sure Victory Bootcamp Member Workout by: 

Marcus Wallace

Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Instructor
rmy Soldier, Bodybuilder, and Pro-Basketball 6-time MVP


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