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Hold It – 30 min BW Team Circuit

Hold It – 

30 min Team Circuit

Sean McCrory


This is a 30 minute team based workout that involves one member of the team remaining in an isometric position while the rest of the team conducts various different exercises. If the isometric person fails to hold their position before other team members finish their exercises then a penalty is given to the whole team.


Workout Step To Follow


Step 1: Pick 9 exercises from the Video Exercise Library, must be 3 Upper Body, 3 Lower Body, 3 Core.


Step 2: Put clients in team of 3 to 5 people. (4 clients per team would be the perfect numbers)

Step 3: Set out 2 cones 125mtrs apart.

Step 4: For this circuit we will call the team members who are exercising THE WORKERS and the single isometric team member THE HOLDER.

Step 5: Workout Commences. (Round 1)

Step 6: The workers undertake 20 reps of an Upper Body exercise, then 30 reps of a Lower Body exercise followed by 40 reps of a Core exercise while The Holder remains in the V Hold position.

If The Holder fails to remain in the isometric position and drops a 20 Burpee penalty is given to the whole team.

Once the first member of The Workers team finishes all 3 exercises a new member of the team becomes The Holder and the current Holder joins and becomes part of The Workers team and they undertake all 3 exercises again.

Step 7: The round will end when all members of the team have been in the The Holders position and the entire team has undertaken a 250mtr run. Once they return they go straight into Round 2.

Step 8: Round 2 is the same format as Round 1 only different Upper / Lower / Core exercises and and The Holder will have Wall Sits. (if no wall then Squat Holds)

Step 9: Round 3 is the same as Round 1 and 2 only different Upper / Lower / Core exercises and The Holder will have Push Up holds on their knees.

Recommended Exercises To Use

Round 1: 20 Push Ups / 30 Jump Squats / 40 Swipes

Round 2: 20 Sphinx / 30 Half Squat Heros / 40 Scissor Kick Crunches

Round 3: 20 Plank to Push Up / 30 Split Lunges / 40 Snow Angels



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