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Episode 68:Sarah Rippel-Systematizing Group Training,Build N Burn

Sarah Rippel Podcast: Build ‘N Burn,Systematizing Group Training


   Sarah Rippel is a Functional Movement Specialist and Precision Nutrition certified coach who owns and operates Rippel Effect Fitness in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She has a background in competitive springboard diving and gymnastics, fitness competitions, triathlon, and most recently powerlifting. Sarah has been working with clients for over two decades. She has been working with groups of people in both indoor and outdoor programs since 2006. Her focus on helping her clients move better and feel better has enabled her to get results in a safe, fun, and efficient manner in both one-on-one and group settings.



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3 comments on “Episode 68:Sarah Rippel-Systematizing Group Training,Build N Burn

[…] One day I sat down and started thinking things through. I wanted to provide the next best thing to one-on-one training in a group setting. I took my strategies and know-how from working with my private clients and morphed them into something completely feasible for groups of up to 10. I tested my ideas with my ladies groups and tweaked things as we went along. Finally I had four blocks of programming (16 weeks) that I had battle-tested with real people and from whom I had gotten positive feedback! My system helped me, so I figured why not make it available to other fitness professionals? That’s how this project came to be! I continued to tweak things so that the workouts could be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. I created an insanely-detailed spreadsheet with numerous drop-down menus for all sorts of exercise options. Basically this thing allows a fitness professional to plug in the workouts and just do a damn good job at what we love most – coaching our clients! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST WHERE I TALK ABOUT MY BACKGROUND IN THE FITNESS INDUSTRY, HOW BU… […]

[…] Sarah Rippel Podcast: Build ‘N Burn, Systematizing Group Training (May 2017) […]

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