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3 Out-of-the-Box Ways To Get More Clients

3 Out-of-the-Box Ways To Get More Clients



Clients are the lifeblood of your personal training or bootcamp business (thanks Captain Obvious) yet STILL one of the most common questions you hear is, “How do I get more clients?”


The simple fact is, the more clients you have the more people you can help and the more money you make.


So today, we are going to cover three overlooked aspects on how YOU can start getting more clients in the next 4-weeks.


Now of course, these will take some effort on your part. However, being a personal trainer, I know you are a grinder and are willing to put in the work.


So if you are ready, let’s get started.

1.   Make Ally’s In Your Neighborhood


There are people in your neighborhood right now that are in contact with your customers on a daily basis. Yet, instead of you spending the time to hunt down each person you want to train, let your foot soldiers do the work.


And who are your foot soldiers?


Real estate agents, doctors, dentists, baristas, veterinarians, etc.


Let’s stick with real estate agents because these are the people who know exactly what is going on in your neighborhood at all times. They are the ones selling the new houses to the newbies in your neighborhood (your potential clients).


Wouldn’t you think that if these potential house buyers are trusting their real estate agent enough to buy a new house… Wouldn’t they trust him or her on a gym recommendation?


You bet they would.


Make it a goal this week to go out and meet 5 real estate agents. Spark up a conversation. Offer free training for them just for future recommendations. If anything, cut a deal with them for referring clients to you.


The options are endless. You just have to put in a little legwork now so that those foot soldiers (the real estate agents, dentists, doctors, etc.) can do the work for you on the backend.


2.   Use Facebook Like A Mad Man/Woman

Facebook is by far the biggest social network and in the day-and-age we live in… People LOVE posting about the workouts they are doing.


And when people post about their workouts, do you know who sees those posts? Their friends (AKA. Your NEW Clients!)


Here’s just a few quick ideas for what you can have your clients do to engage more on Facebook:


  • Have them check in when they arrive at their session!
  • Take a picture of them during the workout so that they can post it after.
  • Type of the workout they did so that they can show their friends what they just accomplished.


People want to be recognized for what they are doing. Especially when it comes to working out. So give them shout outs on your Facebook page and let them share that.


Encourage them to check in, post pictures, workouts, and their progress. Let them show off!


By them showing off, they are also showing YOU off to their friends.

3.  Help Your Clients SEE Progress… Every. Single. Workout.


Throughout the week, you maybe have 2-3 hours TOTAL with your clients. You don’t have control of their lifestyle, diet, and choices outside the gym as much as you might try.


That’s why it’s VERY important for you to help your clients SEE progress every single workout.


Because you can’t control the foods your clients eat or the lifestyle they lead, you need to make it a point that your clients see improvement with every single session.


Yes, this improvement can be on the scale or body fat measurement, but what about other areas? Areas that you have even more control over…


Here are some examples… Instead of worrying about weight loss or burning body fat or building muscle, why not help your clients…


  • Improve their sprint speed or mile time
  • Increase their barbell squats
  • Do 50 straight pushups or 25 straight pull-ups
  • Do 50 straight burpees with no rest (imaging them posting that to Facebook!)
  • Perform their first pistol squat or one-armed pushup
  • Do a muscle up or hand stand


The goals they can achieve are endless. Yet, with these kind of goals, not only will they see progress with every workout… You will also be helping them transform their body because as you know… With progress comes results.


So going after fitness goals instead of just the typical “I want to burn fat” goals, kills two birds with one stone.
You are helping them get lean AND helping them improve with every workout (which they will for sure be sharing with their Facebook friends).


See The 28 Done-For-You Fitness Plans On Exactly How To Get Your Clients Lean, Fit, And In The Best Shape Of Their Life <= More Results = More Money In Your Pocket


Stop wasting time wondering how you are going to get more clients. You have three easy steps you can take TODAY so that you can have more clients tomorrow.


And step #3 is already done for you with this Goal Workouts Pack HERE!


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