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6 NEW Workout Videos-BW Shred,Tabata Abs,BW Ladder,Density Circuits,Combat Conditioning Finisher

6 NEW Workout Videos-BW Shred,Tabata Abs,BW Ladder,Density Circuits, Meta Super Sets +Finishers


Bodyweight Shred Bootcamp Workout  http://thefitnessbootcampclub.com/go/bootcampshred/



Tabata Abs Workout (Follow Along) http://thefitnessbootcampclub.com/go/tabataabs/



Metabolic Bodyweight SuperSets Workout 




Combat Conditioning Dumbbell Finisher   http://thefitnessbootcampclub.com/go/densitydb/



Bodyweight CrossFit Style Ladder Workout http://thefitnessbootcampclub.com/go/ladderworkout/


 I want to share with you over 300 Circuits from 12 programs developed by me, ranging from Bodyweight Workouts, Metabolic Training, Cross Circuit Training, SuperSets, Ladder Workouts, Density Training, Ultimate Tabata Bootcamp Workouts, Abs, Core Training, Kettlebells, TRX, and MORE



It is this ALL New Trainer Bundle 2.0 which are completely new programs from the super successful bundle he launched last year.


The cool thing is that he has developed it specifically for YOU to use immediately to get your clients better results.


The Trainer Bundle 2.0: 300 NEW Trainer Resources <= download them All NOW

ALL NEW Trainer Bundle 2.0


Grab 300 New Workouts here:


Here are just some of the amazing products you are going to get access to


Cross Circuit Training  

–       Get over 10 Cross Training Style workouts

–       Unique metabolic time circuits that are equipment based and bodyweight only

–       Designed to improve maximum power, lean muscle, strength endurance and cardio while burning fat and getting you shredded


Metabolic SuperSets 

–       Get over 10 never seen before workouts using timed metabolic super set intervals designed by Funk Roberts

–       Circuits come with ebook and downloadable demo videos

–       Circuits are equipment based and bodyweight-only and vary between Giant Supersets, Lower and Upper Body Supersets, Fat Incinerating SuperSets and Full Body Supersets


Ultimate Tabata Giant Workouts  

–       The ultimate bootcamp style 30 and 40 minute tabata circuits

–       Take your tabata workouts to the next level with unique tabata protocol set ups

–       Workouts are equipment based and bodyweight only

–       These circuits are perfect for Group Training sessions


Combat Finishers

–       The most powerful workout finishers on the planet to help increase cardio, burn fat, improve mental toughness, get ripped and prepare for battle

–       Get over 100 Finisher circuits that are all under 10 minutes

–       Access workout in 14 different categories


Suspension Core

–       Whether you use the TRX, Jungle Gym XT, Rings or SBT, you will now learn how powerful and beneficial suspension training can be to help you maximize the full potential of the core function

–       Get 10 Suspension workouts along with downloadable videos of each circuit




Grab Your 12 Brand NEW Amazing Fitness Resources and over 300 Workouts

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