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Revisiting the Static-Dynamic EMOM Format

Revisiting the Static-Dynamic EMOM Format

By Sarah Rippel

Author of:

“Home Program Design Mastery”

“The Ultimate Group Training System”

“Build ‘N Burn 2.0,” & “Build ‘N Burn”


Three years ago, I introduced a format for EMOM workouts that pairs movement-based exercises with isometric holds. I call these types of workouts “static-dynamic” and have found this format to be easy to implement with individual clients as well as small groups.


With this format, we can pair a movement-based, all-out, &/or explosive exercise such as a kettlebell swing or band-resisted sprint with an exercise of lower intensity, such as a wall-sit or plank. The EMOM format provides built-in rest with the remainder of the minute after the work is completed. The lower intensity “static” exercise allows for work to be done in the following minute while keeping the heart rate at a more manageable level.


It is important to point out that the duration of work implemented in an EMOM depends on the intensity level of that exercise. In other words, if we are talking exercises that we consider to be of a sprint or all-out nature, then we are talking shorter work periods paired with longer rest periods. It is silly to think of having a person perform a 40-second sprint because the intensity that would be held for that duration will not be all-out. A 10-second sprint? Much better!


In my original static-dynamic EMOM format, you perform an exercise where you are holding a position for time, then alternate that with one that involves total-body movement, & continue in this manner using 2-4 exercises.


Exercise 1: Static

Exercise 2: Dynamic

Exercise 3: Static

Exercise 4: Dynamic


I really like this format because as I mentioned above, it allows people to maintain an appropriate intensity level for the duration of the workout. The built-in rest periods allow for sufficient recovery prior to moving on to the next exercise.


In addition, the static holds are a nice departure from constant movement. I feel they allow for a little mental “rest” in that there is less to focus on with these types of exercises. That said, you’re obviously not resting while performing them! They do, however, serve as a means of ensuring that heart rates don’t skyrocket!


Let’s put a spin on my original format, shall we?


Introducing…Static-Dynamic EMOM v2.0!


What if we performed an all-out exercise, then immediately transitioned to a static hold, then rested for the remainder of the interval?


What if we worked with a slightly longer interval than the standard minute used in an EMOM?


Here is an example:


Every 1:30 x 5 Rounds:

Assault Bike Sprint x 10 seconds

Immediately followed by

Hamstring Plank x 30 seconds


Assault bike sprints are great because you can hop on and immediately push as hard as you wish, knowing you have to hang on for only 10 seconds.


I chose the hamstring plank as the static exercise here because it complements the assault bike’s demand on the quads & chest/shoulders. The hamstring plank challenges the backside of the body. I also feel that it provides a nice lengthening of the front side of the body, which is a way to offset the flexion-based positioning on the assault bike.


So, after that hamstring plank, you would rest for the remainder of the 1:30 interval. Your total amount of work should be roughly 45-50 seconds, depending on how adept you are at jumping off the assault bike & getting down to the ground! You get to rest 40-45 seconds and then hit that pairing again, feeling pretty darn refreshed!


Yes, you could increase the interval slightly, depending on your level & ability to feel fully recovered prior to starting again!


You could also aim for a slightly lower intensity level and stretch that out to 15-20 seconds. There are obviously numerous ways in which this format could be tweaked!


Here are a few more examples!


EMOM x 4-6 Rounds:

KB Russian Swing x 15

Immediately followed by

Wall Sit x 20 seconds (load as needed)


Alternating EMOM x 3-5 Rounds:

Minute 1 = Heavy Slam Ball Over Shoulder x 3-5, immediately followed by Extended Hollow Hold x 20 sec

Minute 2 = Slam Ball Bent-Over Slam x 5-8, immediately followed by Arch Hold x 20 sec

Minute 3 = Slam Ball Push Press Toss x 5-8, immediately followed by Active Hang x 20 sec





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