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Bands, Bells and Bodyweight Workout

Bands, Bells and Bodyweight Workout

 by Funk Roberts, AB and Core Bundle For Fit Pros


When you combine resistance bands, dumbbells and bodyweight exercises using the metabolic protocol, you get a magical muscle building and fat burning experience.

Today I am excited to bring you a combination workout using all 3 forms of resistance in todays Bands, Bells and Bodyweight workout.


The workout targets the entire body, so no muscle group is spared and the no repeat workout allows you to get this done in under 25 minutes.

So grab your resistance bands, dumbbell and get your body ready to crush today’s follow along Total Body HIIT Workout



Bells, Bands and Bodyweight – No Repeat Workout
Perform each exercise one after the other for 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds rest.

1. Forward DB Lunge
2. Racked Reverse Lunge Right
3. Racked Reverse Lunge Left
4. Jumping Lunge
5. Dumbbell Chest Press
6. RBT Chest Press
7. BW Push Ups
8. DB Back Rows
9. RBT Seated Rows
10. Supermen prone press
11. DB Squat
12. RBT squat
13. Bodyweight Squat
14. SDB ide lateral raises
15. RBT Double Front Raise
16. Bent over side raise BW
17. DB biceps curls
18. RBT curls
19. BW pulse squeeze curls
20. DB Alternating Skull Crushers
21. Band Skull Crushers
22. BW Floor Triceps dips





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