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Bodyweight/Kettlebell Bootcamp Workout Video

Bodyweight/Kettlebell Bootcamp Workout-Video

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Today, I’m going to break down one of my special kettlebell bodyweight bootcamp workouts 
for you to try with YOUR boot campers.

The cool thing about this workout is that you can do it in a group setting
with just a few kettlebells and you can do it without having to have a
huge technical knowledge of kettlebell training.

We just have to learn a few basic exercises, a few coaching points
and we can get a lot out of it and have a really fun kettlebell workout.
First you are going to do your movement based warmup,
dynamic warm up whatever you typically do.


Then we’re going to move into three pairs of bodyweight
moves paired with a kettlebell exercise.

There are two different ways you can do this.
You can do it for time by setting an interval,
maybe thirty seconds of work, ten seconds of rest and
rotate through on each movement, or you can do it for reps.

Doing it for as many rounds as possible in a set period of time.

For the first pair, get your kettlebell up to a goblet position.

Grab the horns and do an alternating reverse lunge.

Do ten reps each side OR thirty seconds on the right side,
ten seconds of rest and thirty seconds on the left.

That’s your first exercise of the pair. The next exercise
is going to be an inverted row. For this one, you can use a
TRX/suspension trainer of some kind.

Same thing here, you’re going to do either thirty seconds
or twelve reps.

If you’re doing a boot camp, what I like to do is pair
people up.

So you’ve got one person doing the lunges while the other
person is doing the rows.

They do thirty seconds of their exercise and then they switch.

That’s our first pair.


Second pair is going to be a kettlebell press and a
bodyweight squat. Same thing here, thirty seconds on,
ten seconds of rest OR six presses each side and twenty squats.

The best way to do this is to do a cheat curl up to the
shoulder and do our presses from right there. You want to
make sure that the kettlebell is touching the forearm

and the upper arm and your forearm is straight up and down.

Crush the ‘bell to get the weight overhead.

That’s an easy way to do it if you have a bunch of
people in a group. It’s less technical. If everyone is
familiar with how to do the clean you can clean it up to the shoulder.

Then you’re going to pair that with twenty bodyweight speed squats.

Six press right, six press left and twenty bodyweight
speed squats OR you can go with thirty seconds on, ten
seconds of rest, thirty second intervals.

That’s our second pair.


Our third pair is a two hand kettlebell swing and a burpee.

The way I like to do this one is sticking to your work to
rest interval OR the person doing the swings does fifteen
while their partner does burpees the whole time however
long it takes them to finish. We’re going to do it with a push up.

So the other person is doing the burpees the whole time it
takes their partner to do the kettlebell swings and we
rotate back and forth for say, a five minute period.

So there you go! There’s your sample kettlebell boot camp workout.

I hope you enjoyed that one.

Thanks so much and we’ll see you next time.


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