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The “100 CLUB” Challenge Workout

The “100 CLUB” Challenge Workout
By Loren Bakker Fitness Education Online


Looking for that perfect strength & cardio, upper & lower body blend in your group sessions whilst staying away from the traditional circuit style class?


Look no further, we know you’ll love this one!


The 100 club workout is a great team bonding class experience, pairing your participants up into teams to achieve 100 strength reps together….perfect to pull out when you have new participants  as a little get to know you drill, and also for those who already know each other  quite well this is a brilliant fitness challenge to achieve as a team.


The exercises I have chosen work really well, but the beauty of workout formats is that you can switch it up completely by changing the exercises based on your equipment on hand. We have also used TRX, dumbbells, bodyweight only and power bags to create a totally different feel.


How it works –


Set up two stations, station 1 – Slam balls and Skipping, and station 2 – kettlebells and high knee runs.

You will need to have even numbers for this session, so before you split your group between the 2 stations, either have them pick a partner or you partner them up – they will be working together throughout the whole session.


Together the pairs will complete 100 repetitions of each of the strength exercises.

Using station 1 as an example, Partner 1 will perform as many reps of slamball shoulder press as they can whilst partner 2 completes 100 reps of skipping, once partner 2 has completed their skipping reps, they then tag their partner and take over the shoulder presses continuing on from where their partner go to, trying to reach as many reps they can whilst their partner completes 100 skipping reps, (ie. partner 1 got to 25 reps of shoulder press, partner 2 will start counting at 26).

They then continue to keep swapping between the press and skipping until at 100 presses as a team.

Once complete, they then move straight on to the next slam ball exercise being 100 russian twists and skipping and so forth until they have completed 100 reps of all of the slam ball exercises.


Teams will complete this at all different times, so if you see a pair that is smashing it above the others, give them a shoulder tap and have them complete 5 burpees (or exercise of choice) and then have them resume their quest to 100, this will give the other teams a little catch up time.

And for those that finish early, have them complete a 2 minute wall sit (or again, hold of your choice), This should give the rest of the class enough time to complete their reps.


Give them a small break and then switch the whole group between stations.






Station 1 – Slam balls


Shoulder Press


Russian Twists


Rolling Pushups




VS Skipping



Station 2 – Kettlebells








Hip Thrusts


VS High Knees Run on spot


Exercise Demonstration




Loren Bakker

Fitness Education Online

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