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60, 40, 20 Circuit

60, 40, 20 Circuit
By Loren Bakker Fitness Education Online



My group of clients are tough cookies.

We started training online together at the beginning of covid last year, and I can honestly say bringing this group of women together and taking my group training online was the silver lining to the pandemic madness for me, and definitely a career highlight.


I truly believed  that when everything reopened they’d go back to face to face group training, but I am happy to say we still all train together Monday to Friday at 6:30 am to this day.


Over this time, I have witnessed and been a part of their fitness transformation. Together we have grown an awesome, inspiring and committed community who have all become great friends and I love rocking into my garage every morning and seeing their happy, just rolled out of bed faces!

As we’ve been consistently doing HIIT & Circuit style sessions together since March 2020, their fitness levels and determination  has developed and grown out of sight!

They’re the type of women who, it doesn’t matter what I throw at them, they just do it….no questions, no moans of disappointment, no eye rolls, and no complaints! They just get it done!

I was watching them last week in one of our sessions, and at the end, I asked them whether I had challenged them enough, they all said yes but I thought it was time to up the ante and give them a little extra push…..enter this beauty……


 THE 60,40,20 Circuit!



Looking over the following exercises, you wouldn’t think it looks too intense – but add in the superset factor and the work time and this workout really packs a punch!

As with all workout formats, mixing up the equipment or making it bodyweight makes for a totally different training session…..here’s what we did.




Set up 4 stations – 1 TRX station, 1 Kettlebell, 1 Med ball and 1 skipping, and divide your crew in between them.

They are to complete 60 seconds of exercise 1 for 60 seconds and straight into the second exercise for 60 seconds, then repeat exercise 1 for 40 seconds and straight to 40 seconds on exercise 2, before finally completing exercise 1 for 20 seconds and then straight into exercise 2 for 20 seconds. Taking no rest between exercises, just back to back moving between the 2 exercises which will take 4 minutes.

Give them a 1 minute rest between stations and repeat the circuit twice.





Timer 60:60, 40:40, 20:20


Station 1: 4 mins


BW Push Ups


Station 2: 4 mins

Kettlebell Swing

BW Squat Hold


Station 3: 4 mins

MB Russian Twists

BW Plank


Station 4: 4 mins


Side Shuttle Runs


The variations of exercises and equipment are endless with this one…..we’d love to see what you do with this format!





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