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Minimalist Metcons

Minimalist Metcons

By Sarah Rippel

Author of “Home Program Design Mastery,” “The Ultimate Group Training System,” “Build ‘N Burn 2.0,” & “Build ‘N Burn



CIRCUIT 1: x 3-5 Rounds for Time

KB Alternating Reverse Step Step Clean x 6 (3/side)

Box Jump x 8

Alternating Step-Up x 10 total

Air Squat x 12


CIRCUIT 2: 40/20 x 3-5 Rounds

Seesaw Press

Single Leg Cross-Body Reach (R)

Rotational Push-Up

Single Leg Cross-Body Reach (L)


CIRCUIT 3: x 3-5 Rounds for Time

KB Swing x 20

KB Push Press x 5/side

KB Alternating Hinged 1-Arm Row x 10/side


CIRCUIT 4: x 3-5 Rounds for Time

KB Alternating Lateral Step Goblet Clean x 10

Goblet Sprinter Squat x 5/side

KB 1-Arm Floor Press in Tuck Hold x 10/side




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