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The Static-Dynamic EMOM Format for Conditioning Workouts

The Static-Dynamic EMOM Format for Conditioning Workouts

Author of “Home Program Design Mastery,” “The Ultimate Group Training System,” “Build ‘N Burn 2.0,” & “Build ‘N Burn


Yes, I talk about EMOMs a lot! I use them allll the time with my clients & they are a staple in my own programming.


Here is one of my favorite ways to structure EMOMs for conditioning! I feel this format allows people to work at the appropriate level of intensity & it can be adjusted to suit individual levels.


I came up with the very creative “Static-Dynamic” label because it gets the point across! Basically, you alternate a static exercise with one that is dynamic.


In other words, you perform an exercise where you are holding a position for time, then alternate that with one that involves total-body movement, & continue in this manner using 2-4 exercises.


Exercise 1: Static

Exercise 2: Dynamic

Exercise 3: Static

Exercise 4: Dynamic


I really like this format because as I mentioned above, it allows people to maintain an appropriate intensity level for the duration of the workout. The built-in rest periods allow for sufficient recovery prior to moving on to the next exercise.


In addition, the static holds are a nice departure from constant movement. I feel they allow for a little mental “rest” in that there is less to focus on with these types of exercises. That said, you’re obviously not resting while performing them! They do, however, serve as a means of ensuring that heart rates don’t skyrocket!


Furthermore, I have found that people perform their holds with better technique AND feel better core engagement because they are having to breathe while bracing. You cannot hold your breath during a static hold during this type of workout, and I dig this because I feel it really puts people in touch with their bodies!



20-30s work interval for each exercise

1-5 rounds, depending on level/goals

  1. STATIC: Goblet-Loaded Wall Sit
  2. DYNAMIC: KB Swing
  3. STATIC: Hybrid Hollow Hold
  4. DYNAMIC: Band Archer Row


You can set specific targets for each exercise’s interval to suit various fitness levels within a group. For example, you could structure this workout with levels to suit beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.


Level 1:

  1. Basic Wall Sit 15-20s
  2. KB Swing 15-20s
  3. Tuck Hold 15-20s
  4. Staggered Stance Band Row 15-20s

Level 2:

  1. Basic Wall Sit 30-40s
  2. KB Swing 20s
  3. Hybrid Hollow Hold 20-30s
  4. Band Row with Alternating Stepback 30s

Level 3:

  1. Goblet-Loaded Wall Sit 30s
  2. KB Swing 30s
  3. Hollow Hold 30s
  4. Band Archer Row 30s


Give this EMOM format a try in an upcoming group training workout (or one of your own workouts) and let me know what your clients think!


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