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The Top Three Benefits of Boot Camp Periodization Training

The Top Three Benefits of Boot Camp Periodization Training

by Georgette Pann


If you run boot camps for athletes, then you’ve probably used periodization training to be sure they reach peak performance for their most important competitions.


But what about if you’re running fitness boot camps for the average person who wants to lose weight and get in shape?


You see, a lot of fitness boot camp instructors focus on providing a fun, challenging environment. That’s good. It keeps participants engaged, satisfied, and coming to class.


But heads up…


You can’t just create fun, challenging workouts with no rhyme or reason. You can’t run your campers ragged and call it day.


Because here’s the thing…


If your participants aren’t getting good results, then eventually they’ll grow unsatisfied.  Sure, they may enjoy an individual session. But if they’re looking at the big picture and realizing they’re not getting their money’s worth from your boot camp, then they’re going to drop out. And you can bet they’re not going to be referring their friends either.


So, what’s the solution?


You need to program your workouts carefully so that your campers get great results. And generally, this means you’ll want to use some type of periodization training or at very least a good framework in your boot camps. This means cycling training periods (in terms of factors such as volume and intensity) to maximize results.


If your eyes didn’t light up when you read “maximize results,” then maybe they will when you discover these three other reasons why you should utilize periodization training in your fitness boot camps:


  1. Periodization Helps Avoid Overtraining


Have you ever noticed that some fitness instructors not only don’t provide very good results for their clients, but their client’s fitness levels actually DECREASE over the course of a few months?


One big reason for that is because the fitness instructor is overtraining the client. That leaves the client more susceptible to illness and injury, as well as more prone to stalled results.


Periodization helps avoid overtraining, as it is carefully calibrated to give clients the right balance of work and rest to produce optimal results.



  1. Your Clients Will Avoid Plateaus


Some fitness boot camp instructors throw something new at their clients every day just to keep clients engaged and happy.


Other fitness instructors do nearly the same workout every session so that everyone can witness measurable improvements.


Guess what?


Both of those approaches are wrong. Providing random workouts to your clients do them a huge disservice, as this randomness won’t provide the results your clients are seeking nor will it give you any way of assessing weather they reach their goals.


Likewise, doing the same workouts repeatedly is also a disservice because of – you guessed it – adaptation. Once your clients’ bodies are able to start predicting what they’ll do during the workout, adaptation sets in… and your clients will plateau.


That’s why your clients will love periodization training. It provides some consistency (because hey, practice makes perfect), but it also offers variable training to avoid plateaus and produce great results.


  1. Your Clients Will Love the Workouts


Periodization training is both fun and challenging, which means your clients will leave each boot camp session feeling pumped up. When clients feel challenged they don’t get bored. Add that to the fact that they’re getting great results, and what do you have? That’s right, you’ve got satisfied clients who keep signing up for your boot camps AND telling their friends. Now that’s the way to run a profitable business!


But there’s just one problem…


You’ve probably been nodding along as you’ve been reading about the benefits of providing periodization training. You already knew you should be implementing this sort of training in your fitness boot camps, and this article just confirmed it for you.


And the problem?


You don’t really know how to implement periodization training to maximize results. You’re not sure how to cycle training, especially in a boot camp.


No worries, because we’ve done all the thinking and planning for you. Now you too can put periodization training to work for your boot camp clients. Your clients will love their results, and you’ll love your newfound popularity and your growing business.


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Georgette Pann is a world-renowned bootcamp expert, and the creator of Sure Victory Bootcamp in a Box,Sure Results Bootcamp Workouts and publisher of The Bootcamp Periodization System ..you can learn more about Georgette Pann 

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